Core Strengthening for Back Pain

Exercise-Based Core Strengthening for Back Pain

Back pain rehabilitation in the MedX machine

Is back pain stopping you doing the things you love? Have you tried everything but it keeps coming back? Would you like to move more freely without relying on painkillers?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, then you may be in the majority of back pain sufferers who have weak muscles of the low back and core.

A weakness can result in pain, instability and stiffness, with an increase in the likelihood of further attacks. Non-invasive core strength and isolated back exercises can treat and reduce most back pain.

We help reduce back pain in 12 weeks or less with back and core strengthening programmes.

Our specialist MedX lumbar extension machine is used as part of your programme, to isolate and strengthen the muscles of your low back and core so you can work without the larger muscles of your legs and buttocks taking over. This is virtually impossible through conventional core and back exercises.

True strengthening is achieved this way, and results appear quickly, and last long-term.

So you can help yourself as part of your programme, you’re also taught the tools you need to help yourself and given exercises you can follow at home. Using these techniques, you can prevent further attacks and have the confidence to know what to do if you suffer a reoccurrence of pain or stiffness in the future.

We’d like to invite you to a free, no obligation consultation this month, where you will:

  • Receive an in depth analysis of your pain and movement patterns
  • Be taken through a postural assessment
  • Receive a range of motion assessment on the MedX machine
  • Learn the relationship between the core muscles and back pain, including how to locate and activate your core
  • Be shown exercises for long-term back pain management, including daily functional exercises

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