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Have you tried everything but your back pain keeps coming back?

Would you like to be pain free long-term?


Our 12 week exercise-based programmes help significantly reduce back pain long-term and help you enjoy the activities you did before. Enjoy playing with your kids again, taking less time off work and feeling young, strong and flexible!

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Do you feel stiff and tense?

Would you like to sit at your desk without a sore neck and shoulders?


Sports massage can help reduce pain, stiffness and tension. Feel looser and less stressed at work, stop the headaches caused by your tense neck and shoulder and reduce recovery times and get back to training faster.


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Is joint pain stopping you doing simple, everyday things?

Are you training for an event and need to get back into it after your injury?


We can help diagnose your injury, reduce pain and get you back to doing the activities you love though exercise based techniques, and at-home programmes to follow.


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What Our Clients Say

“I’ve had history of lower back problems since the age of 18. At least once a year I would suffer from my back “going” plus having to take time off work. It was always a problem that wouldn’t go away no matter who I sought professional help from.

I had some reservations about coming to core strength studios because all of the previous specialists  I’d seen had seemed only interested in treating the immediate problem and not the long term solution. 

Straight away I knew this time was different. Andy answered all of my questions, things were starting to make sense, I finally felt that I had found someone genuine who was actually interested in making me better. All of the treatments and strength training exercises he proposed made perfect sense. So I did exactly what I was told to do and trained very hard at each session

As a result of coming to see Andy, I am more productive at work and take less time off, I know what to do if I get any warning signs and I know how to treat myself at home. I even ran a half marathon this year which I’d have never been able to do before!” 

Paul James

“I have Ehlers Danlos which has resulted in six disc bulges down my spine. Other side effects are six ankle breaks, torn ligaments, subluxing and dislocated knees, thumb joints etc. 
Before I started with Andy, I was in constant, excruciating pain. I spent a large proportion of time bed bound, with horrific spasms in my back and down my legs. I took very strong painkillers everyday, that completely knocked me out. I was feeling very low and desperate to find a solution
Because of the complicated nature of my physical problems, I found it very difficult to find someone who understood them and whom I could completely trust. I had seen physiotherapists in the past but I never really had much success, as they didn’t seem to get the issues I had and some actually made the pain worse. I needed someone who could tailor a program to me, not the other way round. 
Andy has been incredible. He has listened and understood my pain issues and created a program/treatment that he has encouraged and sometimes had to push me through. He is patient, thorough, and really understands the function, mechanics and complexities of the body. He has also helped me achieve goals that I thought were totally unobtainable.”
I understand my physical problems much better now and am able to function very well on a day to day basis which is a miracle, if I look back a few years. But the most amazing thing is that I was able to have a baby with a relatively pain free pregnancy
Flavia Goldsworthy

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