back strength testing

prevention of back pain

is your

back in good shape at the moment?

would you

like to make sure you stay pain-free so you can keep on working

and doing

the things you love without your back stopping you?

One of the leading factors in the development of low back pain and injury is insufficient strength in the deep low back muscles.

I’m not in pain, so my back must be strong

When we’re pain-free, we may assume that our back is strong but in reality it’s impossible to know without isolating and strengthening these muscles. Often, we only find out when it’s too late and we experience pain or injury to our back.

The key to preventing back pain is ensuring that the musculature of the back is strong and can support the spine to avoid injury.

Through the use of specialist MedX rehabilitation equipment, we are able to test the strength of your back, which enables us to predict the likelihood of potential back problems in the future based on your results.

To do this, we isolate and test the strength of your back muscles at various angles through your spine’s range of movement.

The force that you generate is then displayed and recorded and your results are compared to normative data for a person of the same age, gender, height and weight as you.

If your results show a weakness in your back, you may be vulnerable to back problems in the future so we work to build a plan to improve your strength and work on the prevention of more serious back problems.

Back check-ups are free of charge, last 30 mins and take place from our Redcliffe studio.