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hear from our satisfied clients

Hear from our Clients

I’ve suffered back pain of some sort for years and today I finally got answers.

In the past I’ve seen other professionals and none of them gave me anywhere near a holistic consultation as Sally did earlier.


Back pain rehabilitation – 12 week programme

Andy has sorted my back to the point where i have no sciatica, my back is stronger than it ever has been, best of all I avoided an operation, a nerve route injection.
I would recommend him to anyone with confidence


Back pain rehabilitation – 12 week programme and ongoing maintenance

After 12 weeks with sally i feel stronger and fitter than I have in ages. I have laid paving and dug out large tree stumps with nothing more than a little tiredness.

I found the sessions really enjoyable and will miss them now completed


Back pain rehabilitation – 12 week programme

Really amazing results from Andy. Having back pain is the worst & the relief felt after visiting is remarkable.

I would recommend hugely


Back pain rehabilitation – 12 week programme

It felt great for someone else to access my body as a whole, not just looking at my back



I cannot recommend Core Strength highly enough. I suffered with 2 prolapsed discs. Working with Andy has been fantastic.

My overall fitness has improved greatly as I trust my back will stand up to exercise. In fact, I recently completed a charity bike ride to Bordeaux


Back pain rehabilitation – 12 week programme

I’ve been to numerous places to sort my back out all across the country and finally I’ve found the experts.

CSS’s are friendly and informative and have provided me with great pain relief. Thank you!


Back pain rehabilitation – 12 week programme

Sally has done wonders with my back issues. She made me feel at ease with the injury that I have and worked with me to improve my core strength, as well as addressing my postural issues created by the injury.

I feel more confident than ever before


Back pain rehabilitation – 12 week programme

We attended a fantastic talk with Andy and Lydia! Loads of brilliant advice on how to protect your back at work, correct standing and sitting postures and some great exercises to build core resilience.

If you have a long-standing problem then these guys are great


Employee wellness workshop

Marc has got such a great eye, he spotted things wrong with me that no one else has spotted before.

Now I’m fully into my training and I haven’t felt this strong or fit before


Back pain rehabilitation – 12 week programme and ongoing maintenance

Sally is the best! First of all, in only 12 weeks, she solved my problem and she also taught me how to manage my pain and how to avoid new injuries!

Secondly, every hour was a funny hour!


Back back rehabilitation – 12 week programme

Andy is truly excellent and while I always feel I have worked hard, the change has been dramatic, to say the least.

being able to make it up the 20 steps to my front door in far less pain and much faster is a massive delight


Back pain rehabilitation – 12 week programme and ongoing maintenance

I had a constant ache in my lower back with the odd spasm. Coming in, It was exciting that someone was passionate about helping me out.

I have a feeling of excitement that not only will my back improve but building my core will help my sporting performance


Back pain rehabilitation – 12 week programme

For years I’ve treated my back pain with visits to masseurs and osteopaths. Thought I’d give these guys a go.

I can’t believe the improvement in my posture and core strength after a 12 week course. Thank you Marc for your guidance and support


Back pain rehabilitation – 12 week programme and ongoing maintenance

Was so great watching your talk! Nice, clear and concise tips for building strength and correct sitting postures!

We all thought it was great and took away some good advice which we can now pass on to clients and friends

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Employee wellness workshop

Had a few sessions at Core Strength Studios and they’ve been great!

The staff are lovely, especially Carolyn who carries out my treatments


Sports massage

Can’t fault andy, he’s a great trainer and therapist and knows his stuff!

I’m a long-term client with no plans to stop any time soon!


Back pain rehabilitation – 12 week programme and ongoing maintenance

Core strength studios are miracle workers! I’ve seen Andy and Carolyn now on several occasions and they were amazing at identifying the cause of my pain and taking it away within 30-min flat.

I highly recommend them if you’re struggling with back pain issues, as the ultimate go-to experts


Sports massage

I recently had a sports massage with Carolyn.

It was by far the best sports massage I have had during the last 10 years of back issues and I have since recommended her to friends and colleagues


Sports massage