move more freely

sports and deep tissue massage

have you

got pain caused by an injury, poor posture or stress?

would you

like to get back to your hobby without pain?

or to be

able to sit at work without your shoulders and neck aching?

Sports massage can help get you moving more freely and back to doing the things you love without pain or tension.

reduce pain and move more freely

Sports massage could help reduce tension and pain and enable you to move more freely without stiffness or soreness.

Sports massage is a deep tissue treatment, which works by stretching, relaxing and breaking down scar tissue.

Increase blood flow carries oxygen, which feeds the tissues and promotes faster recovery. This makes sports massage an important part of any rehabilitation or training programme.

Not just for sports people

We help people reduce pain caused by both sporting and non-sporting injuries, If you suffer tension-related pain in your neck and shoulders, or have stiffness in your back from sitting at a desk all day, we can iron out the knots and leave you feeling looser and more mobile with less pain.

Stay at the top of your game

If you are a regular sports person, or take part in events, regular deep tissue massage helps keep your muscles in good condition. This helps prevent injury and promotes improved performance.

Joint pain which is caused by tightness in the surrounding muscles can also feel the benefit of sports massage. The treatment also helps work on muscular imbalances to keep you at the top of your game.

sports massage treatment

we’re with you for the long run

As well as providing initial treatment, we can also advise on technique and provide exercises to take away and do at home or in the gym as part of an ongoing rehabilitation programme. Our experience team of sports therapists will work with you to provide the best solution to get you back to full health.

One-off sessions, packages and gift vouchers are available, and we have both male and female therapists available. To book a session, please call us on 0117 929 9555 or email [email protected].