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Specialist back strengthening

The majority of people with back pain have weak, deconditioned muscles of the low back and spine.

Using our rehabilitation machine, which is one of only 3 used commercially in the UK, we help you isolate and strengthen the muscles of your low back and core without the stronger muscles of your legs taking over.

Are you fed up of back pain?

Reduce pain for good

Is your back holding you back from doing the things you want to do? Perhaps you’ve tried everything and the pain keeps coming back? You may be in the majority of back pain sufferers who have weak muscles of the low back and core.

Through specialist strengthening and rehabilitation programmes, we can help give you the confidence to enjoy activity without worrying about your back going.

Come to a complimentary consultation and learn how to get stronger and move more freely.

Download your copy and discover…

In ‘This Little Book of Back Pain’ you’ll discover…

  • Possible reasons why your back is hurting
  • The link between your core/back muscles and pain
  • Common back problems, their symptoms and causes
  • Useful articles on why your back hurts whilst doing certain activities and what you can do to help
  • Exercises and stretches to reduce and prevent back pain
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