Why You Should Treat Your Back More Like Your Teeth

On the face of it, there are very little similarities between your teeth and your back, right? Other than the fact that - when healthy - they both support your basic human function, albeit in very different ways.

Now think about this; what happens when your teeth are NOT healthy? Pain, difficulty eating and costly dental treatment are all likely scenarios.

Similarly, if your back health is compromised, you may experience pain, time off work, having to stop doing the things you enjoy, and costly treatment fees.

In order to avoid problems with our teeth, we visit the dentist. Regular check-ups make sure any potential problems are identified early and rectified before they become an issue.

The same can’t be said for our backs, though. What tends to happen is that we only seek help when we are in pain. By this time, poor back health is having a detrimental affect on our lives, we can’t move properly and it becomes very expensive to fix.

What if we could do the same for our back as we do for our teeth? We could identify potential issues before they become a problem, meaning no time off work, no disruption to our lives and a significant reduction in the amount of money we need to spend on it.

The good news is that now we can. Through the use of specialist MedX rehabilitation equipment, we are able to test the strength of your back, and predict the likelihood of potential back problems in the future based on your results.

To do this, we isolate and test the strength of your back muscles at various angles through your spine’s range of movement.

The force that you generate is then displayed and recorded and your results are compared to normative data for a person of the same age, gender, height and weight as you.

If your results show a weakness in your back, you may be vulnerable to back problems in the future so we’ll work to build a plan to improve your strength and work on the prevention of more serious back problems.

Back check-ups are free of charge, last 30 mins and take place from our Redcliffe studio. To book yours, complete your details below and we’ll be in touch to book you in.

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