5 Ways to Exercise When You Don’t Have Time

Ask anyone why they don’t exercise as much as they’d like, and I’d bet that time is pretty much up there with the top 3 reasons. There are simple ways to fit exercise into your day so even the most time-poor amongst us can enjoy the benefits of being active.

1. Fit it into your everyday activities

Try including exercise into what you already do. Could you cycle or walk to work? Walk the kids to school and run back? Go for a walk on your lunch break instead of sitting at your desk? Get creative and remember that exercise goes beyond sweating it out at the gym, even just a brisk 30min walk has loads of health and fitness benefits.


This is the perfect exercise for those short on time. Short, sharp intervals of intense exercise mean you can torch calories in just 20 mins. Better, still, you can…

3. Train at home

Google ‘HIIT home workouts’ or search YouTube and you’ll have access to hundreds of short workouts you can do at home with very little space and no equipment. This way you can do it whilst the baby naps, whilst dinner is cooking or when the kids are doing their homework.

4. Make it social

Rather than meeting over a cuppa or glass of wine, why not catch up with your friend for a walk in the park or jog around the neighbourhood? You can catch up on the latest in each other’s lives and as you’re chatting, you forget that you’re exercising, making it way more fun than slogging it out in the gym.

5. Get up earlier

I know it sounds obvious but going to bed half an hour earlier and getting up that half hour earlier can give you time for a short session at home before work. Even better, you’ll then be able to bask in your smug glow all day knowing you’ve done your exercise for the day.