Exercise-Based Core Strengthening for Back Pain

Is back pain stopping you doing the things you love?

Have you tried everything but it keeps coming back?

Would you like to move more freely without relying on painkillers?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, then you may be in the majority of back pain sufferers who have weak muscles of the low back and core.

Chronic Back Pain

Research shows that if you have back pain for 6 weeks or more, the muscles of the low back and core become weak and deconditioned. This can lead to more pain and leave you vulnerable to injury.

Until these muscles are strengthened, you end up in a cycle of the pain leading to less activity, which leads to weakness of the muscles through lack of use, which then leads to more pain and so the cycle continues.

Unfortunately – with traditional exercise – it is virtually impossible to strengthen the muscles of the low back. Often the stronger muscles of the legs and bottom take over, meaning the strong muscles get stronger and the weak ones stay the same.

Isolated Back Strengthening

The only way to effectively strengthen your back in order to reduce pain and protect you long-term is by isolating the lumbar muscles.

We help reduce back pain in 12 weeks or less with back and core strengthening programmes.

Our specialist MedX lumbar extension machine isolates and strengthens the muscles of your low back and core by stabilising your pelvis to stop your leg muscles taking over.

The machine is one of only 3 used commercially in the UK, and the only one in the South-West.

Client exercising for back pain in Bristol using MedX lumbar extension machine

Progressive Strength Gains

Working in a set pain-free range of motion, your progress is tracked each session so you can see strength gains as you work though your programme.

As well as exercise in the MedX machine, you also work on total body strengthening with your therapist with exercises tailored to your lifestyle, hobbies or work to give you the functional strength to protect your back.

Support from Your Sports Therapist

You work one-to-one with your therapist throughout the weekly 1-hour session and you’re also taught the tools you need to help yourself and given exercises you can follow at home.

Using these techniques, you can prevent further attacks and have the confidence to know what to do if you suffer a re-occurrence of pain or stiffness in the future.

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