Who do your treatments work for?

We work with a wide variety of people with varying degrees of pain. Generally speaking, we help anyone who has been experiencing low back pain for more than 6 weeks.

Clients who have been diagnosed have come to us with conditions such as bulging or herniated discs, sciatica, scoliosis, arthritis to name a few. The programme isn’t suitable if you are less than 6 weeks post-surgery but we can certainly help you after that period.

What makes you different from other back pain specialists?

Our programmes use specialist equipment which is the only of it’s kind to isolate the muscles in the low back. This means we can achieve true strengthening of the back and core. These MedX machines are widely used in the USA and by specialist practitioners on Harley Street, and we are the only practice in the South-West to use the technology.

Rather than just treat your back, we look at your body as a whole and establish movement patterns which may contribute to your pain. This means that by becoming stronger and moving better, you are less vulnerable to pain long-term.

Finally, we work one-to-one with you throughout your programme. We understand that it can be scary when you are putting your trust in someone when you’re in pain and work hard to create comfortable, open sessions and love that our clients enjoy coming in for their sessions.

How do the programmes work?

Based on extensive research, MedX protocol states that 12-week programmes are optimal for both recovery and long-term pain relief.

Using this protocol, we offer programmes of 1 60-minute session a week for 12 weeks. Thereafter, you can come in for maintenance sessions of anything from once a month to once every couple of years, depending on your strength, range of movement and lifestyle.

Not everyone needs 12 weeks however, and we can also offer bespoke packages if you have a good existing level of strength, or we feel that you wouldn’t benefit from a full programme.

What happens during a session?

Sessions last an hour, and we start with a warm-up and mobiliser in the MedX machine then stretch and move on to a full set of exercise in the machine. Then, depending on your pain and areas we need to work on, we’ll do some functional exercise to work the rest of your body, core strength work and possible massage if you need it.

We then finish with another light session in the machine and finally some more flexibility.

What happens if I miss a session?

It’s a 12-week programme but we appreciate that you may go on holiday, or may not be able to make some weeks so you will always have 12 sessions, even if it takes longer than 12 weeks.

Can I meet you and see if it’s suitable before I commit?

Yes, we do a full consultation before you undertake any programme. This assesses where you are now, your suitability for the treatment and gives us both an opportunity to discuss what’s happening in terms of your pain.

We have a limited number of free workshops this month, where we can do all of the above, plus show you some really good techniques for finding your core muscles and working on strengthening your spine to reduce your pain. If you’d like to claim a voucher for a free workshop, please visit this page.

I’m interested but have some questions, can I contact you?

Absolutely, you can email us on enquiries@corestrengthstudios.co.uk or call us on 0117 9299555 and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have.