Swiss Fitness Ball

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Swiss Fitness Ball


Fitness balls are used for core stability, providing support for a variety of core exercises. Extremely versatile, you can work on strengthening your core whilst keeping your back supported, making fitness balls an ideal tool for people with back pain.

Available in 55cm and 65cm sizes, the ball should be inflated enough that when you sit on it with your feet flat on the floor, your thighs are parallel with the floor. If you are unsure which size is most suitable for you, please contact us and we can advise.

Also used for improving posture at work, you can sit on the ball to keep your core muscles activated throughout the day and encourage correct seating position.

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  • The Live on the Edge fitness ball is designed to aid core strengthening and total body workouts.
  • Features anti-burst technology.
  • Slowly deflates when punctured.
  • Tested to exceed 1200kg 


  • Colour: 55cm - Lime green 65cm - Silver
  • Dimensions: 55cm or 65cm
  • Includes: Ball, foot pump