Our guarantee

Terms & Conditions

  1. The start date of this agreement is as per the date on the application form. All sessions must be taken within 24 weeks of the above signature and date. The services contracted for correspond with the acceptance form.
  2. The pricing structure quoted is valid for a maximum of 14 days from the date of the consultation. Following this time period, Core Strength Studios reserve the right to offer the services as per the current pricing and structure.
  3. Refunds will not be given under any circumstances.
  4. If the client wishes to terminate this contract early i.e. in advance of the 12-week period, for whatever reason, the client accepts that no refunds will be given and any outstanding installments will still remain due.
  5. Each installment must be paid in full up front before the services will be provided. If cleared funds are not received in full, the session will not take place and will be treated as a late cancellation, for which full payment will be required, unless written agreement is confirmed otherwise.
  6. Any cancellation must be made a minimum of 24 hours in advance of scheduled sessions. If a session is cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice, full payment for said session will be required. For any cancellation outside 24 hours, the session will be re-arranged.
  7. Sessions shall be 60 minutes in length and shall start at the scheduled time. It will not be possible to extend sessions beyond the agreed time. Core Strength Studios respectfully request that the Client looks to arrive at the agreed place of training a minimum of 5 minutes before the session is due to begin. If the Client arrives late, the session will still finish at the original time it was scheduled to finish, Core Strength Studios are unable to extend the end time of a session due to lateness.
  8. In the event that a significant medical problem or other severe unforeseeable circumstance occurs and prevents completion of the contracted sessions within the agreed time period, the Client may take an extended period of time, not to exceed one year, to complete the sessions. This must be agreed in writing and is entirely at Core Strength Studios’ discretion.
  9. This agreement cannot be substituted to any other person without Core Strength Studios prior express written agreement.
  10. Data protection – Your data has been collected for the purposes of providing you with the services contracted for which are bespoke and detailed to your specifications. Your data will not be used for any other purposes or given to any third party. It will be secured safely and kept confidential at all times. You may request to see a copy of all data held on your behalf, subject to an admin fee. Following the cessation of our working together, your data will not be held longer than is necessary.
  11. In signing this agreement, you are consenting to Core Strength Studios using photographs and/or video of your training, reporting your progress and using any testimonial you provide for marketing purposes.
  12. I, the Client, have been informed, understand, and am aware that exercise, including the use of equipment, is a potentially hazardous activity involving the risk of injury. I am voluntarily participating in these activities and using equipment with full knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the dangers involved. I, the Client, confirm that that I have completed a Health Questionnaire honestly and openly. I have disclosed to Core Strength Studios any additional information that I feel may be relevant to our agreement and the services that Core Strength Studios are to provide me with. I, the Client, accept and agree that my disclosure obligations continue throughout this contract, from start to finish. I agree to advise Core Strength Studios immediately of any changes or developments that may affect my ability to participate in the activities. I, the Client, accept and agree that I will take reasonable precautions for my own safety. Reasonable precautions are defined as that that would be taken by a reasonable person in the context of the provision of the agreed services.
  13. Any variation to these terms must be made in writing and expressly agreed by both parties.
  14. All documentation remain the intellectual property of Core Strength Studios and must not be distributed or reproduced in any way, under any circumstances.