Our team of professionals have over 50 years collective experience helping people with back pain and injuries with exercise-based rehabilitation and sports massage. Your sports therapist will work with you to build a suitable rehabilitation programme and coach and encourage you through the course of your treatment.

Andy Sherlock Co-Owner & Senior Sports Therapist

Andy Sherlock

Andy has been in the fitness industry since 1992 when he began his career in gymnastics coaching.

He then qualified as a Personal Trainer and Sports Therapist in 1994 and worked as a Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Pilates instructor at a Bristol gym. In 2000 Andrew gained his MedX Spinal Rehabilitation qualification from the University of Florida and he started working with back pain sufferers.

In 2007 Andy and his wife Lydia founded Core Strength Studios Ltd. Andy has helped countless people overcome back pain and lead a normal life. The confidence he instils in people is testament to his years of experience and knowledge of the human body, its function and capabilities.

Carolyn Fyfe Sports Massage Therapist/Sports Therapist

Carolyn Fyfe

Carolyn has been in the sports and recreation industry since 2002 when she studied Sport Coaching and Exercise Sciences. She went on to gain a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science in 2006 and has been a qualified Sports Massage Therapist since 2007.

Another gymnast, Carolyn competed both nationally and internationally for 15 years before retiring in 2007. Since retiring, she continues to work with Bristol Hawks Gymnastics Club as a junior development squad coach, working with young athletes.

Carolyn joined us in 2010 and soon went on to gain her spinal rehabilitation certification. She now applies her knowledge and experience to help clients with a variety of injuries through both sports massage and core strength work.

Sally Martin Sports Therapist

Sally Martin

Sally is a certified Stott Pilates Mat Based Instructor, and has been working in the fitness industry since 2002. Coming from a sports therapy and massage background, Sally helps people reduce back pain by mixing principles and techniques for complete body management.

Sally specialises in pain management, strength and conditioning for the over 50’s and firmly believes that age should not be a barrier to exercise, nor should it be a reason that pain cannot be treated. Not just for the treatment of pain, she also helps people get stronger to reduce the risk of injury, falls and joint pain.

More recently Sally has completed an advanced assessment course of the Pelvis and Spine, under the guidance of John Gibbons BSc (OST) at the University of Oxford Sports Complex. This has enabled her to have a more in depth understanding of the areas and identify specific dysfunction within the musculo-skeletal framework.

Marc Adams Sports Therapist


Marc has 16 years’ experience working as a personal trainer, nutrition and lifestyle coach, energy and body worker. During this time he has had the privilege of learning from some of the best experts in the industry and has been able to integrate their amazing work and knowledge into his own organic/holistic approach.

With his multi-faceted approach, he works with you to identify the power, strength, endurance, flexibility, co-ordination, balance, and stability that are specific to your particular requirements and to develop them.

Marc also works to optimise the body’s recovery through nutritional therapy and optimising the diet to help regenerate the systems and structures which can get broken down when pain or injury occurs.

Marc is passionate about helping people see the ‘bigger picture’ when working with pain, and helping you integrate all aspects of health and movement into your programme to optimise your recovery and enjoy a strong, resilient body.

Vivien Bradley Sports Therapist

Viv Bradley

Vivien is passionate and enthusiastic about exercise and sports rehabilitation. Whether it be through pain management, injury recovery and prevention or postural correction and awareness, she strives to understand and make a real difference to the lives of her patients.

Vivien studied Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation at university and has been awarded with a Bachelor of Science degree (BSc Hons). Before completing her degree, Vivien studied at college, achieving a BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport and Exercise Science. Whilst studying at college, Vivien found inspiration in modules such as Sports Injury and Rehabilitation, motivating her to continue onto higher education in order to broaden her knowledge and understanding of the subject, with the ambition of pursuing a career in sports rehabilitation.

Vivien has enjoyed putting her knowledge into practice both during and after completing her degree, having experienced working within professional football as well as in specialist sports injury clinics. This foundation has allowed Vivien to developed an in depth understanding of the musculoskeletal system, enabling her to treat a wide variety of injuries with a combination of both exercise based rehabilitation and sports massage.

Vivien is committed to guiding her patients through the most effective treatments. She is therefore invested in the continued development of her own practice, making it her priority to keep up to date with the latest evidence-based research. As a result, Vivien’s therapy is constantly evolving and advancing in line with the highest quality research being published.

Lydia Sherlock Co-Owner & Business Manager

Lydia began her career as a personal trainer and sports therapist in 2001, helping people get out of pain and reach their health and fitness goals, as well as teaching various group fitness classes. Working for a local health club, her career evolved and she moved into management, eventually leading the club as general manager.

After starting a family, Lydia decided with her husband Andy that they would combine her business skills and his passion for helping people with back pain to reach more people and help them get back to doing the things they love and Core Strength Studios was born.

Lydia continues to work ‘behind the scenes’, taking care of the marketing, finance and client care in the business. Often the first point of contact at Core Strength Studios, Lydia loves meeting new people and helping them find a solution to their pain by connecting them with the team and ensuring they receive the very best level of care.