11 December 2019

Weird and Wonderful Ways People Put Their Backs Out

When you have back pain – like REAL back pain, the can’t-get-up-can’t-put-my-socks-on kind of misery, wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to brag to your friends about the hercluean task you were undertaking at the time? “I jumped out of the window of a burning building!” “I fell out of a tree rescuing a little girl’s kitten!”

However, if you’ve exerienced your back ‘going’, I bet it was something way less impressive which made it go. “I reached across a desk!” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, does it?

There’s no shame though, we’ve all been there (picking up Lego from the floor, anyone?).

Wave goodbye to your bragging rights, here are some of the more unremarkable events which have led people to our door…

Removing washing from the machine

Usually this is becuase your back is bending and twisting at the same time under load.

Avoid this by kneeling down instead of bending and activating your core as you pull out the washing.

Picking up a pencil

More common than you’d think…

Again, when we pick things up from the floor, we’re often bending and twisting at the same time, or there may be a weakness already in your back and the quick movement can trigger a spasm as it tries to protect itself.

You may look more odd, but if you have a vulerable back, bend your knees to pick things up from the floor and activate your core.

Getting in the car

Especially if you have a low car, you’ll be putting your body into quite an unnatural postition to lower yourself into your seat. As the weight transfers from your legs, your back may not be strong enough to support this position.

Overcome this by sitting down backwards onto your seat and then swivel your legs in, engaging your core as you do so.

Opening the door

Another twisting under load movement. Just like above, if your back and core aren’t strong enough to support your spine, your back will resist. 

Every time you open a door, engage your core muscles so you’re twisting using your whole core, not just your back.


As ridulous as it sounds, you really can do your back in by doing nothing.

Your back wants to maintain it’s natural ‘s’ shape and sometimes your sleeping position can compromise this. If you sleep on your front with your pillows to high, for example, your back will be over-extended. Or you may have a very soft mattress which puts your spine in a different position.

Aim for a position which keeps your back in alignment. Avoid too many pillows and use a mattress which allows you to maintain the natural curve in your spine.

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